4 simple steps can keep the virus away

And 4 simpler steps can get you a free upgrade to Narration Box's Freelancer plan.

More people are staying at home than ever before. And naturally, they are consuming more content than ever before. So why not start creating content that is meaningful, engaging and easy to produce right from the comfy couch. You as a brand or a you as an individual can create a greater and better impact on your audience in times like these. Get your message across, because they have all the time to listen. And if it's quality content produced using platforms like Narration Box, voila! Release the demo videos of your app you always wanted to make, release the audiobook of your favorite book, release the narration of the poem you wrote last Monday; do it, do it right away with Narration Box. Take a test drive today and if you like what you see, follow these 4 simple steps to get a free upgrade to the Freelancer plan.

After you have signed up for Narration Box:

  1. Step 1. Follow Narration Box on Twitter
  2. Step 2. Follow Narration Box on Facebook or Instagram or Linkedin
  3. Step 3. Upvote Narration Box on Product hunt
  4. Step 4. Share the screenshots or just share your name/username via email or any other mode.
  5. 🎉 And you have been upgraded to the Freelancer plan.

Spread the word about
Narration Box!
But please maintain social distancing while doing it.