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  1. Is audiobook creation included in the subscription plans?
  2. No. Audiobook creation is pay-as-you-go. This is why you don't need a monthly subscription if you just want to create audiobooks. If you subscribe to a monthly Narration Box plan, you would still have to pay separately for the audiobooks you create. To learn more about the pricing of audiobook creation, please refer the next question.

  3. What document types are supported for creation of audiobooks?
  4. .epub, .pdf, .txt. doc and .docx file types are supported for creating audiobooks.

  5. How is audiobook price calculated?
  6. Narration Box uses an algorithm to calculate the number of words in your ebook (spaces and characters excluded) and based on that, the price of audiobook creation is specified.

  7. What is "Additional Usage" ?
  8. Each plan has a dedicated word quota/limit for your text to speec tasks. If you hit that quota for that particular month, you will be charged a specific amount per thousand words consumer in that particular month.

  9. What is an "Publishable audio page"?
  10. Narration Box act as a great publishing and sharing channel for your audio content. Podcasts, narrations, voiceovers or whatever you create/edit with Narration Box, it can be hosted as a standalone page that you can share with the world.

  11. For how long can I store my content?
  12. Unlimied. Until you decide to delete it.

  13. Do I own the commercial rights what I create using Narration Box?
  14. You; only you own 100% of what you create, upload or edit. You are the creator and the owner your content. You can sell it, give it away or broadcast in any way possible.

  15. What are "Embeddable audio widgets" ?
  16. Embeddable audio widgets are audio player like widgets for your website or blog that convert your blogs/websites's content to speech and audio. You just need to add a small script on your webpage and boom! you got audio support for your content. This feature will be released soon.



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