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Everything you need to engage your audience with voice and audio.

Narration Box provides all the creator tools you need to create audio and voice first content.
Audiobooks, narrations, voiceovers, audio widgets or just text to speech, we got it all covered.

100% free to get started. No credit card required.

Narration Box: Everything you need to engage your audience with voice and audio..

Swiss army knife for audio

Yep literally! Narration Box packs

Speech editor for creating narrations & voiceovers.

Audiobook creator for creating audiobooks from ebooks.

Publishable audio pages to host and share your content.

What is Narration Box?

Speech editor

Quickly create voiceovers and narrations just like you would create and edit a google doc. Control tone, volume and other aspects of your speech to cater everyone. As easy as typing|, as simple as selecting.

The voice bank

With 350+ artificial narrators in over 20 languages and regional accents, the voice bank is always expanding
Globalise. Localise. Grow.





Start typing and test the
narrators for yourself



Jenny, U.S. accent

Audiobook Creator

Create audiobooks from ebooks and documents. Releasing an ebook or even a book? Why not pair it with an audiobook and reach a bigger audience?

Endless possibilities

With Narration Box, people create plethora of engaging content that fits every need. Just never stop creating and growing.

Marketing and Advertisements

News reports


In app experiences

And the list grows longer and longer...

Publishable audio pages

Hosting and publishing your content to the internet is literally like turning on a switch with Narration Box.

Narration Box publishable audio pages

It's yours

You own 100% of what you create, upload or edit. You are the creator and the owner your content. No tacky copyright claims, no worries about distribution rights, no weird watermarks. Make it for yourself or for a million others. It's that transparent.

Narration Box commercial rights

Engage more; acquire more

Companies and individual creators use Narration Box to engage their audience and customers with well-produced marketing voiceovers, narrations, in-app audio content and even advertisements. Whether you are globalising or localising your brand, targets are achieved with Narration Box, around the world.

If they like what they are listening to, they will come.

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