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Grow your global audience with AI voices

Use more than 700 AI narrators in over 75 languages to create
podcasts, audiobooks and voiceovers. Or just record and edit with your own voice.

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Narration Box: Grow your global audience with AI voices

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Powering creators and companies that love to grow.

"I have been using Narration Box for a storybook project where I merged static illustrations with the written story. This was then compiled for instagram, Facebook, YouTube and also for slide presentations to the writer and reader local communities. I had also used Narration Box to convert short chapters from my Real Ghost Stories of Borneo book series to give away for free to loyal readers! It’s an added value for my readers. Narration Box has allowed me to get away from having to set up my own recording studio. Previously, I had an idea of hiring a human narrator but there was so much hassle as well as costs. The voice choices are pretty good, especially the enhanced voices. I love the options available to further personalize the AI narrator’s speech within the text. Narration Box saved me so much time for several small projects. I actually made audio clips whilst writing another book. Sometimes when I am bored, I would drop a text file and convert it into audio, and listen to it whilst driving back home."

Dr. Aammton Alias

Founder and Author

M Content Creations

"We’ve been using Narration Box for a while now, and are grateful to the team behind it! It allows us to create audio versions of our books and articles in many languages, within seconds. The generated audio sounds very natural and is almost indistinguishable from a real narrator. What an amazing service for creators, and it keeps evolving! I highly recommend it."

Reto Stuber

CEO & Founder

Stuber Media Group

"When I started writing my novel, I wanted to find a way to have my work read back to me so I could take a step back and listen to how my story unfolded from another perspective, the only problem was that most of the apps and services that I found sounded far too robotic and it made it painful to listen to. This was particularly frustrating because I repeatedly came across jaw-dropping examples of how realistic a synthesized voice could be when you used the latest AI-enhanced technology from companies like IBM, Google and Amazon.They all had their own cast of life-like voices, but there was simply no consumer-friendly way to access them. Then I found Narration Box. Narration Box is hands-down the best way to utilize the latest Text-to-Speech technology and give life to your work. Their website is straightforward and easy to use and the service they offer is more than reasonably priced. I regularly use their growing library of narrators to convert my latest chapter into spoken word and it always leaves me stunned at how human a synthesized voice has become."

Kevin Roberts


"I work for a regional radio station in Victoria Australia called South Coast FM. I first started watching ChatGPT when it was first introduced last year. After a while I thought it would be a great idea to have ChatGPT create a music program and have text to speech for the entire program. The main issue I had, was two fold. First was getting an Australian voice and secondly, and the most difficult issue, was finding a voice that can can give the correct pauses with the ", and ." I tried a number of AI sites including Descript. Narration was the only one that came close to both these issues. The show went to air last month and I hope to have an hourly show each week in the future. I give the thumbs up to Narration and it can only get better in the future. "

Peter Jones

Creator & Host

South Coast FM


With Narraiton Box, you have your production and editing worries figured out. The simplest approach for creating and editing voiceovers, audiobooks, podcasts and audio widgets makes producing high quality content a piece of cake.

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For people and companies who aren't shy about sharing their work, we have the perfect distribution tools and methods in place. With audio pages and one click uploads to major platforms like Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Breaker, etc sharing your content with the world becomes a hassle-free part of your content process and strategy.

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(COMING SOON) Measure and track real time or non-real time numbers for your podcasts, audio pages and audio widgets on the move. See where people start listening, where they leave, demographics, engagement, reach and everything you need to analyse your content.

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(COMING SOON) Build your loyal audience and a support network with easy to integrate monetisation tools. Sell what you create in multiple currencies for your global audience, manage advertisements, subscriptions and everything that helps you grow.

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Endless possibilites for everyone

From creators to companies, from startups to agencies,
everyone around the globe finds a use case with Narration Box.

For authors

Pair your books and ebooks with an audiobook version and see your numbers grow.

For educators

Create lectures in more than 20 languages and cater students from all around the world.

For product managers

Create a rich in-app experience with human-like AI narrators and keep the KPIs growing.

For marketeers

Create voiceovers for your marketing videos or narrations for advertisements on the go.

For founders

Quickly create voiceovers and narrations for explainer videos or tutorials for your products.

For agencies

Globalise and localise your content based on yours clients' and customers' needs.

For podcasters

Use all the tools you need to start your podcast and grow it on every major platform.

For content creators

Voiceovers for documentaries, youtube videos or even movie narrations are as easy as editing a google doc with Narration Box.

For media houses

Easily setup custom text-to-speech audio widgets for your news sites and engage your visitors with audio.

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We believe,

Whether you a are a creator, company or agency, your stories and voice need to be heard. In the times when the rise of audio and voice first content is taking every sector by storm, you should not lag behind on your content strategy. Start sharing your voice with the world today, because with Narration Box it takes 0 effort to get started and very little to grow.

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