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Create, edit and publish

great audio content

Narration Box is the only tool you need to create and edit voiceovers, narrations, podcasts, audiobooks, audio widgets for your blogs or websites.

Type, upload or record

Whatever you do, you will always produce out of the box audio content for all your work and entertainment needs. Share it with your friends, your audience or your customers; make inside the box, grow outside the box.

Unparalleled Realism

With over 100+ unique voices in more than 20 languages, you can select the voice that appeal to your demographic and gain a greater audience. Our leading-edge algorithms allows you to create near-human realism speech at scale. It is like a real narrator, but even better.

Create on the go

Narration Box's text to audio editor lets you create the voiceovers, narrations or any kind of spoken audio you need on the fly. Use synthetic voices and decide how each and every word of your speech should be narrated with controls available at just a click. Create multi-speaker narrations, add natural sounding breathing effects, control the tone, speed and other aspects of narrations to create something for everyone. As easy as typing|; as simple as selecting.

Audiobooks for work and play

Create audiobooks from ebooks, documents or fanfiction sites. Moving your digital library to audio has never been easier. Listen to the most niche of content or even the most popular ones. From academic journals to fiction, people use Narration Box to create audiobooks that they really want, not just the ones that are available.

Engage more, acquire more!

Users use Narration Box to engage their audience and customers with well-produced marketing voiceovers, narrations, in-app audio content and even advertisements. Targets are achieved with Narration Box, around the globe. If they like what they are listening, they will come.

Home to all your content!

Retrieve, store, share whenever you want. Your content is available 24 x 7 x 365 till infinity. Each and everything is stored with secure settings and is private until you decide to go public with it. You go and grow while Narration Box stores and hosts all your content.

It's yours; completely!

Whatever you create using Narration Box is yours. No tacky copyright claims, no worries about distribution rights, no weird watermarks. Make it for yourself or for a million others. You own 100% of what you create. It's that transparent.