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The only tool you need for voiceovers and narrations

Accelerando by Charles Stross. Narrated by Narration Box's Joanna.

Unparalleled Realism

Near-human speech quality powered by leading-edge algorithms. Like a real narrator, but even better.

Original iPhone announcement. Narrated by Narration Box's Matthew.

Cost Effective

At 1/20th the price of human narrators, we have got you covered regardless of scale. We grow when you grow.

Numerous Voices

More than 100 voices across 20+ languages. You can even use your own voice (coming soon).

Intuitive Editor

Design your speech and audio with confidence. Endless customizations, speech creation has never been more fun and productive.

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Use Cases

In-game character voices

Speech generation for apps

Announcement systems

Audiobooks for work, chill and play

Video and podcast narrations, voice-overs for films

and counting...

Our Voices

(Voice cloning coming soon)


A range of plans for your every need

*Billing is based on text length, word count is an estimate.

Always free
  1. For testing voices, limited text length.
  2. No actual conversion downloads
  3. Basic email support
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  1. Everything in Basic
  2. State-of-the-art speech editing interface
  3. 50k words ($0.40 per additional thousand)
  4. 3 months data retention
  5. Basic email and live chat support (when available)
Get Started
  1. Everything in Freelancer
  2. 500k words ($0.80 per additional thousand)
  3. 6 months data retention
  4. PDF invoices and receipts
  5. Embeddable player widget for blogs and websites (coming soon, available for closed beta on demand)
  6. Online audio editor (coming soon)
  7. API access (coming soon, available for closed beta on demand)
  8. Text-speech timestamps (coming soon)
  9. Animated lip sync avatar (coming soon)
  10. Mid-level priority support
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Starting from $10k/year
  1. Everything in Studio
  2. 5 million words ($3.00 per additional thousand, negotiable)
  3. Unlimited data retention (while plan is active)
  4. Highest level priority support
  5. Single sign-on (SSO) integration
  6. Online audio editor (coming soon)
  7. Voice cloning (coming soon)
  8. Collaborative editing (coming soon)
  9. Team members management (5 free, 25 dollars per additional seat per month)
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