3 easy steps you can take to grow faster by globalising your content

Oct 20, 2022

If you have ever asked the questions "how to build a global audience for my brand?" or "how to convert visitors from non-English speaking countries?" or "how can I do voiceovers in multiple languages?", we wrote this with you in mind.


Your blogs, website, videos, app, audiobooks, podcasts and all others that constitute of your content strategy don’t get traffic from English speaking countries exclusively. If you look at your analytics, apart from your target market and countries, there are umpteen other countries and demographics sending prospective customers your way. The reason you don’t end up converting them could be because of a language barrier especially in case of audio and video content. A large number of people on the internet today can read in English but have severe difficulty in understanding English prominent audio and video content because of accent and other phonetic factors. Brands all over the world have started to acknowledge this and have rapidly pickup up global and inclusive content strategy. But not everyone goes around moving big budgets to hire multi-lingual narrators, voice actors or even writers.

Thus here are 3 easy steps you can take to globalize your audio and video content right now and start converting more prospects into paying customers.

1. Always dock the ship with most valuables first. 

Firstly, you need to open your analytics dashboard and see where your traffic is coming from apart from your target countries and make a small list. Now out of these countries, note down the top 3-5 countries that give you the highest conversion i.e. countries from which you have the most signups, views or downloads(depending on how you define conversion). Now it’s time to take care of the captain!


2. Cater the captain’s needs!


You have your list and it’s time to create content for them. Start converting your English based content in other languages and accents. If you don’t mind us plugging ourselves here, with Narration Box you can globalize and localize your content in over 300 voices, 20 languages and several accents. After you are done converting your content into the languages and accents of your desire, start approaching your prospects with the right mindset. Share the new language specific content as shamelessly and boldly as you can. Be aggressive about it. Seeing your support for inclusivity and the multi-lingual approach to your content shall also push prospects from other demographics to ask for content in languages and accents of their choice, organically increasing your engagement.


3. Steering the ship in the right direction.


The most important part of a globalized content strategy is monitoring, measuring and iterating. You need to closely monitor your stats once you start doing step 1 and step 2. You need to compare how conversion has changed. Closely see what languages and accents are responding more to the newer multi-lingual content, prioritize them and talk to people from countries who still haven’t changed much. E.g. your listeners or viewers from Portugal might have spiked after you made your content available in Portuguese but Brazilian demographic is still lacking because although the language spoken in these countries is same, the accent remains pretty different. Remember, the key is to find a niche and iterate on what works and what doesn’t.


Given the ready to plug-in & use nature of Narration Box and availability of resources on the internet, creating a multi-lingual and globalized content strategy for your brand is one of the easiest and essential things you should do as soon as possible. Don’t let your prospects feel unincluded just because of a language barrier.