Should you start a podcast?

Sep 19, 2022

Audio-based medium has been at the forefront of entertainment since time immemorial, think the early 1920s, when the first sort of radios gave people access to the spectrum of sound-based entertainment, and that feeling has now cascaded into a global phenomenon, one in which an approximate of 2,000,000 individual podcasts have popped up with a combined 66 million episodes between them.

The popularity of podcasts has soared in recent years since podcasts provide a fun way to pick up a new learning obsession, with topics ranging from Stand Up-Comedy to Nanotechnology and the relative ease with which audio can be created, mixed, and distributed has provided ample space to upcoming creators to enter the market and find their audience. Even the popularity of vodcasts {video-podcast} has been catching on, and people who had invested early into this field are already starting to reap the benefits (shamelessly cites the $200 Million Spotify-Joe Rogan Deal)

With all that fancy talk about podcasting, you still probably don’t need to start a podcast, RIGHT AWAY. The objective of this article isn’t to demonstrate the popularity of podcasting, inviting you in on the endeavor of creating the next big thing in the space, but rather to emphasize the fact that we’re transgressing into a more audio-based entertainment pattern, as opposed to the popularly supposed video-based entertainment or the more outdated text-based options.

While gulping the fact that we’re shifting towards a more sound-based creator economy, we also need to digest that no matter which mode of content creation you choose, the most important factor remains community. There is no point in “Wallah! I should start a podcast” if people aren't interested in listening to you.

Thus, we, here at Narration Box suggest that you zone out, create audio content that is easier & cheaper to produce, and tap the markets where audio content is still at a grassroots level and aim at building a community backed by value. Your goal, in the beginning, should not be getting expensive mics and audio editing software, it should be creating content, getting it into people’s ears, and seeing whether they like what you offer or not. Treat your podcasts and content like a lean startup:- Build fast, ship fast, talk to your audience, and iterate.

This is why podcasts, audiobooks, and narrations produced using Text-To-Speech are a great start. With Narration Box, producing audio content is as easy as it gets. We are soon getting into distribution, analytics, and monetization as well which means your iteration cycle will get much easier in the near future.

But you definitely should start a podcast, it’s pretty cool!

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