Space's big bet on podcasting

Nov 3, 2022

Brands operating in the realms outside of this sphere, still have to look down to earth for sponsors. Traditionally, the same sponsors were provided mainly at industry events. With a market cap, that’s expected to reach $1 trillion in annual revenue by the end of the year 2040, some space-based companies have found it in their interest to invest dollars in marketing via podcasts and newsletters. Podcasts and newsletters offer an interesting opportunity to the space industry to reach the people who possess a genuine interest in space exploration and might just enable them to spend money to help the causes they believe in.

In a recently released statement, Ari Lewis the co-founder of Payload, a digital media company concerned with covering the business and policy of space exploration, confirmed that they were able to find their first advertiser before they had even launched their daily newsletter, the same can also be said about their podcast. This just displays the value that is attached to mediums that are concerned with creating content that reaches the section of people actively interested in the subject. SpiderOak, a space-based cybersecurity company that focuses on brand-building in the federal space has been recognised as one of the first sponsors for Payload’s [podcast and newsletter. SpiderOak’s VP of marketing justified his decision by stating that the company was poignant in reaching out to thought leaders and that certainly included the Payload podcast, Pathfinder.

Pathfinder’s first month did not yield that many listeners, but at the end of three months it was almost generating 1,000 podcast listens and YouTube views combined. Once it’s association with SpiderOak ends, it’s already planned Spaced Ventures, a space investment portal, in line as its next sponsor.

Space based companies are continuously ditching the traditional and orthodox way of advertising, as they come to terms with the fact that it isn’t the only way to reach space-curious readers and listeners. The space communications company CesiumAstro has promoted its brand on LinkedIn and in Payload’s newsletter, and its founder and CEO, Shey Sabripour, has appeared as a guest on shows like the Space Business Podcast. The company is also considering testing out traditional ads in Payload’s Pathfinder podcast early next year. Brands have been willing to allocate advertising dollars. This reflects that advertisers are excited that the podcasting and space industry is experiencing and will continue to experience significant growth, and that it’s good to be in there early.