Why do podcasts get so much hype ?

Mar 12, 2022

We cannot stop hyping up about the wide array of opportunities podcasts presents and how their ever-growing popularity, now at an all-time high of more than 120 million listeners, presents an opportunity for the ordinary Joe to hop onto the audio wave. But why are podcasts getting so hyped up when they are pretty identical to what TV talk show hosts have been doing this for years?

Before jumping into the differences between the same, it’s important to understand why we’ve presented audio as a medium for the future of content creation, and why podcasting and audiobooks are here to stay. The main and one of the most popular reasons why the numbers for the audio industry are reaching instrumental volumes, is since any audio medium requires less amount of commitment when compared to a video based medium of entertainment, podcasts, or any form of audio content for that matter can be consumed while doing household chores and other menial tasks while other forms of content require a promise of attention.

But the reasons aren’t limited to these alone. It’s got more to do with the interpersonal bonds that a podcast can create when compared to a movie or even an Instagram reel. A podcast gives you the feeling of sitting around and hanging out with the very same people you think are smarter than you in one way or another. A podcast presents you with the interesting proposition of seeing your heroes in action but unedited and unhinged by big production houses and their crazy marketing gimmicks. It provides you with the chance to see them interact as they would do in basic day to day conversations.

The connection and touch to the people you want to view isn’t hindered via audio, while in a more video-based platform the screen acts as a boulder to closeness and is a deterrent to view the creators in their rawest form. With that being said, I conclude this post in my classic style, i.e., asking you as a creator to consider switching to audio-based mediums for your brand, books, and/or content, and when you do end up getting that epiphany. Think hype! Think NarrationBox.