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By Narration Box team

Nov 22, 2022

What are corporate podcasts?

A number of major companies comprising of thousands of employees fail at maintaining proper engagement with their employees. A recent study conducted by Deloitte University found that close to 87% of organizations cite engagement with their employees as one of the top challenges in modern day corporate culture. This certainly explains why 3 out of 4 employees are open to or actively looking for a new job.

Poor engagement eventually leads to poor communication further causing a deteriorated relationship between the employees and the leadership, that is where the role of an internal podcast is even more effable. A podcast has a better interface and sounds more personal when compared to a memo or a high-tech video. In this article we expound upon the need to learn about a corporate podcast, and how it’s crucial for your organisation.

A corporate podcast is a podcast specifically designed for engagement within the company. An individual within the organisation is hired to produce regular updates about the functioning of the company, keeping its subscribers (the employees of the organisation), engaged, and interested about the company. Team members of the company subscribe and listen to the show via the company’s website or a mobile app. The objective of a corporate podcast is to reach the employees provide them with information, teach them how to be successful and to further create engagement amongst the employees and the leaders of the company.

The benefits surrounding having an organization that produces its own podcast are innumerable, the recently concluded lockdown phases in most parts of the world, had almost every employee working long hours from the comfort of their homes. It was a new for the entire corporate market. That is precisely where these podcasts strive to create an impression, in times of crisis a little reaffirmation can help a long way in making the employee feel safe about the security of his job. It strives to create an atmosphere where the information is still readily available and delivered to them in audio format. Multinational corporations that have strived to create an industry in almost all well-known countries have a massive number of employees and reaching out to all of them is a little difficult but with having created a podcast for the same, the problem can easily be rectified.

Tell me why by American Airlines is a great example of a corporate podcast that brings its employees together. It’s hosted by Ron DeFeo, the company’s vice president, and they strive to publish a few 5-10 mins episodes every month for close to 120,000 employees. During different segments of the show, they explain company policies, new initiatives, changes and share employee stories.

A lot of major organizations including the likes of Salesforce and Amazon use podcasts to promote their employer brand and expertise both internally and externally. Podcasts have accessibility options like transcription and allow for translation so that employers can reach a global employee base. Overall, the benefits of starting a corporate podcast outweigh the cost attached to it, and it’s one of the few key decisions you should take for your brand.