Youtube is ready to go vernacular.

Feb 24, 2023

Creators now have a new practical method to increase their fans thanks to YouTube. The leading provider of online video services announced on Thursday that it would make tools available to creators so they could add their own audio dubbing to both new and existing long-form videos. This would allow the same video to be seen by more viewers who prefer to watch it in different languages.


Mr. Beast did it first


For the creators who have a large enough fan base to support language dubbing, the free addition might result in a significant increase in viewership and engagement. Such dubbing has already been tried and tested by YouTubers. For instance, Mr. Beast began re-posting his English-language videos dubbed in Spanish on his 23.6 million-subscriber Mr.Beast en Espaol channel approximately a year ago. The technology provided by YouTube eliminates the need for authors to publish two videos or even maintain separate channels for each language they choose to post in. Similar to various streaming services like Netflix, viewers can click on the same video and select from several languages.


Enter new territories


Audio dubbing has the ability to help YouTube and producers gain more fan interaction. For instance, the availability of YouTube Shorts in other languages may increase the format's popularity worldwide, even in nations like India, where TikTok has been outlawed. The feature is still being tested by YouTube on its TikTok rival YouTube Shorts. Anyone who subtitles their films into English or provides an English voiceover has the potential to expand their audience, become more well-known, and attract US sponsors. It might enable local content producers to expand their audience by escaping a geographic enclave and also enable international brands to enter a new geographic enclave.


The solution


YouTube said in early tests that producers who used the dubbing option in January saw more than 15% of their view time from other languages. The most difficult chore, which requires creators to create their own audio dubbing track in a different language and might be expensive, is not addressed by YouTube's solution which is where Narration Box comes in. With Narration Box you can easily create audio and video content in over 75 languages using more than 700 AI narrators to create voiceovers.


With each passing day, we are making it easy for brands and creators to create multi-lingual content as quickly as possible so that they broaden their audience without huge costs and ETAs.